Instructor Opportunities

Instructor Assistance

We provide learning design and delivery support throughout the instructional development process and course life cycle for online, blended, and face-to-face courses.

Access to instructional designers, e-learning specialists/analysts

Instructional designers can help you to use instructional design methods for:

  • Fostering engagement, collaboration, and interaction through group facilitation and problem-based learning activities
  • Creating and aligning to learning objectives
  • Using authentic forms of assessment
  • Planning for course design and delivery
  • Efficient grading systems and other work-flows
  • Understanding university policies and procedures around teaching and learning (e.g., course syllabi, academic standards, etc.)
  • Communicating effectively with students
  • Effective teaching with technology (e.g., eClass, eClass Live!, iClickers, audio and screen recording, podcasting, PowerPoint, etc.)

e-Learning specialists can help with:

  • eClass
  • eClass Live
  • Online instructor coaching
  • Blended courses for novice instructors
  • Administration of blended and online courses