Instructor Opportunities

Instructor Assistance

The Learning Engagement Office (LEO) at the Faculty of Extension provides learning design and delivery support throughout the instructional development process and course life cycle for online, blended, and face-to-face courses.

For more resources and how-to tutorials for instructors, see the LEO website or contact them for consultation at

What can instructional designers and e-learning specialists do for you?

Instructional designers can help you to use instructional design methods for:

  • Fostering engagement, collaboration, and interaction through group facilitation and problem-based learning activities
  • Creating and aligning to learning objectives
  • Using authentic forms of assessment
  • Planning for course design and delivery
  • Efficient grading systems and other work-flows
  • Understanding university policies and procedures around teaching and learning (e.g., course syllabi, academic standards, etc.)
  • Communicating effectively with students
  • Effective teaching with technology (e.g., eClass, eClass Live!, iClickers, audio and screen recording, podcasting, PowerPoint, etc.)

e-Learning specialists can help with:

  • eClass
  • eClass Live (using real-time virtual classrooms)
  • Instructor coaching for teaching online
  • Blended/flipped course building and support
  • Administration of blended and online courses