English Language School

We welcome 2,100+ students from 64 countries

to study with us each year.

70 instructors, 2 tenure track professors

with support from 3 academic team leads and 27 assistants.

Over 5,000 enrolments

in the 315 course sections we offer each year.

Full-time studies

Academic Foundations

Develop your confidence in oral communication and build your understanding of academic texts and writing.

Offered every 2 months

Prepares you for the English for Academic Purposes Program (EAP)


Special Bridging Program Cohort for Economics Majors
 (BP-ECON Cohort) 

Beginning in September 2019, we are seeking academically strong students who are planning to major in Economics to join a special Bridging Program cohort group designed specifically to meet the needs of Economics majors.

In addition to utilizing materials, themes and vocabulary of interest to Economics majors in EAP 140 and 145, students will also take a special, smaller BP 3 section of Economics 101 which includes an integrated language support seminar.

Offered in Fall term. 


Academic English for Undergraduate Admission

Offered every 2 months

Helps you meet the English language proficiency requirement.


Bridging Program for Undergraduates

Offered in Fall & Winter terms

Information for students who are currently enrolled in UAlberta's Bridging Program.


Academic English for Graduate Admission

Offered every 4 months

Helps you meet the English language proficiency requirement.

Short-term studies

English Language & Cultural Seminar 
ELCS integrated
(Summer 2020)

Available to both individual and group applicants

Four-week short term program 

  •   July 7 - July 31, 2020
  •   August 4 to August 28, 2020
  •   September 1 to September 25, 2020

Help you improve English skills while experiencing Canadian culture and academics.

Fundamentals of Graduate Writing 

This course is designed for international Ph.D. students studying in STEM fields who require customized language support to refine their academic writing skills. 

Throughout the course, the instructor works with students’ own written drafts, as well as model writing from the field, to enable students to learn to recognize and correct their own grammatical errors.



Homestay services

Our host families provide you with a private, furnished bedroom and three meals per day.

Live with a Canadian family, experience Canadian culture, and practice your English beyond the classroom.