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Why students choose UAlberta's English Language School:

  • The tuition is reasonable and includes medical insurance, health services, and student services fees for each term.
  • Our instructors use an active, student-centred communicative approach to help students improve their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.
  • We offer multiple levels, from introductory English to English for Academic Purposes (EAP), year round.
  • Our English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program provides an option for international students to meet the English Language Proficiency required for undergraduate admission at the University of Alberta. Students admitted to the Bridging Program may combine degree courses with their EAP program.

First-rate instructors with extensive experience and advanced training

Our English Language School instructors have extensive experience and training in English language instruction. All of our instructors are university graduates who have completed advanced training in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL).

At the University of Alberta, we know that studying English as an additional language is more than learning words and phrases – it is a chance to explore interesting ideas, discover other cultures, and develop new communication skills that will take you around the world.

Visit Canada!

Canada is the second largest country in the world. It is located in North America and is surrounded by three oceans: the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic. Nearly 35 million people live in Canada’s 10 provinces and 3 territories. The largest cities in the country are Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton and Calgary.

English and French are Canada’s two official languages. English is the most popular of the two languages, and is the main language spoken in 12 of the 13 Canadian provinces and territories, including Alberta. 

Welcome to Edmonton: Canada's Festival City

Edmonton boasts a vibrant and sound economy within a province full of career opportunities. Edmonton is a major, modern city of one million people, with clean streets, safe neighbourhoods, and beautiful natural areas. Known as “Canada’s Festival City,” it hosts over 30 festivals throughout the year. In 2015, Edmonton was chosen by National Geographic as one of the world’s best summer destinations —the only Canadian city to make the list this year.

Edmonton is in close proximity to the majestic Rocky Mountains, one of the most magnificent areas in the world. UAlberta is located just a few hours from the Canadian Rockies, so you can work hard during the week and escape on the weekends to enjoy its untapped nature and breathtaking beauty.


Dubbed “festival city,” Edmonton teems with culture and arts events year-round. Residents celebrate the sunny, warm summer with the second largest Fringe Theatre Festival in the world, the world-renowned Folk Music Festival, and Heritage Days, an outdoor feast honouring the city’s multicultural community.

Edmontonians also enjoy dozens of fitness and sport training facilities, and the city is known for its professional sport franchises, including hockey, football, soccer, baseball and lacrosse teams.

With the country’s top-ranked health system, a mild climate and the Rocky Mountains close by, Edmonton offers an outstanding quality of life.

Founded in 1973, the English Language School (formerly known as English Language Program) is recognized internationally for providing a high standard of instruction to students whose first language is other than English. This excellent standard of teaching is maintained by a team of qualified and experienced instructional staff who use modern teaching approaches, resources, and state-of-the-art technology.


from 64 countries
study with us each year.

Over 5,000

in 315 course sections offered each year.


2 Tenure track professors, and over 30 support staff.

University of Alberta

Founded over a century ago, the University of Alberta is a destination of choice for students from around the globe! Ranked 84th in the world, UAlberta hosts 39,000 students, of which 6,500 are international. We offer 400 undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs in 18 faculties. 

Our five campuses are home to world-class facilities that offer top-quality learning environments, especially in the fields of Medicine, Health Sciences, and Petroleum Engineering. UAlberta also houses the National Research Council of Canada’s Nanotechnology Research Centre, which is at the forefront of research in interdisciplinary sciences. 

The English Language School is part of the Faculty of Extension at the downtown campus. This University of Alberta Faculty delivers over 700 courses to 8500 students (more than 25% of whom hail from outside Canada annually) who benefit from the expertise of more than 300 contractual instructors. Research, principally in the areas of communication, social sciences, linguistics, community development, and non-traditional learning, has established Extension as a world leader in the Scholarship of Engagement