English Language School

Program Policies

Arrival and Registration

Students who arrive a week after the first day of class may not be permitted to join class.

Change of Registration

The English Language School will only transfer registration to the next term if there is a legitimate reason (medical, personal emergency, study permit problems and so on).

If you request your registration be transferred to a different term before courses begin, there is a $75 transfer fee. You must bring your receipt of payment to the ELS Student Engagement Centre (Room L 300 Enterprise Square) during normal office hours and provide a reason for transferring to the next term. Transfers will not be allowed after classes have started.



In order to withdraw from class, you need to complete a Withdrawal Form at the ELS Student Engagement Centre. If you withdraw before the first day of class, you will receive a refund minus $500 (withdrawal fee). If you withdraw on or after the first day of class, you will not receive a refund.


If you withdraw from a course before the withdrawal deadline, a grade of W (withdrew) will appear on your transcript. If you withdraw from a course after the withdrawal deadline, a grade of NC (failure, no grade point value assigned) will appear on your transcript.

Withdrawal Deadlines

Program term
Withdrawal deadline
January - February 2020 February 7, 2020
March - April 2020  April 1, 2020
May - June 2020
June 3, 2020
July - August 2020 August 5, 2020

Authorized Leave

International Students attending the University of Alberta English Language School and holding full-time student visas are permitted to request a short “leave” from their program of study. Students may request medical leave, maternity leave, or personal leave to return temporarily to their home country.

Authorized leave from ELS should normally be scheduled after completing a regular term of study. So that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) are properly notified and to ensure continuity of student visas, it is important to note the following:

For a planned authorized leave (returning home for vacation), students must submit an "Authorized Leave Form" to ELS administration at least 2 weeks before their planned departure date.

Unplanned emergency leave requests (returning home for urgent medical procedure) should be accompanied by supporting documentation and will be expedited.