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Bridging Program

The information on this page is for current BP students. If you are a prospective student looking for information on the Bridging Program and application procedures, please visit University of Alberta International.

Special Bridging Program Cohort for Economics Majors (BP-ECON Cohort)

In collaboration with the Department of Economics at the University of Alberta, we are pleased to introduce a special Bridging Program (BP) cohort for students majoring in Economics.  

Beginning in September 2019, we are seeking academically strong students who are planning to major in Economics to join a special Bridging Program cohort group designed specifically to meet the needs of Economics majors.  In addition to utilizing materials, themes and vocabulary of interest to Economics majors in EAP 140 and 145, students will also take a special, smaller BP 3 section of Economics 101 which includes an integrated language support seminar to help with the vocabulary, reading strategies and writing skills necessary for success in this course. The goal is to provide a more focused experience and better outcomes for students majoring in Economics.

Here are some words from the Associate Chair of Economics, Dr. Valentina Galvani,  about the importance of considering this BP cohort option for Econ majors:

“In my capacity of professor and Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies with the UofA Economics department I have extensive experience in measuring the academic performance of our international students. I find that international students who are not very familiar with the specialized language of economics, in English, tend to underperform other Economics students. I therefore strongly urge BP students who wish to specialize in Economics or Business to take advantage of this special Bridging Program Cohort opportunity.”

Associate Prof. Valentina Galvani 

Please note:

If you become a member of this special BP cohort group, you will be required to take EAP 140 and 145 in Fall semester and to enroll in a special closed cohort of ECON 101 in Winter semester. This closed ECON 101 section will have an additional three hours of language support per week  to help students succeed in the course.

There is no extra charge to students for this BP cohort.

Students interested in applying to join this special EAP group for Economics majors should contact our program coordinator Mr. Clement Yau at ctyau@uablerta.ca as soon as possible to secure one of the limited places in the cohort.

Bridging Program students

A. BP Stages

  • Stage 1 (minimum 2 months)
    Complete EAP 135 
  • Stage 2 (minimum 4 months)
    Complete EAP 140 + EAP 145
    + optional: one UAlberta academic course in Fall and Winter terms
    Note: Students cannot take the following courses while studying in Stage 2:
    • Economics (ECON)
    • English (ENGL)
    • Writing Studies (WRS)
    • Any language course
  • Stage 3:
    Bridging Program completed (BPCM). Continue as a UAlberta undergraduate degree student.

B. Typical weekly schedule

Online Component
EAP 135 EAP 135 EAP 135 EAP 135 EAP 135  Grammar for Accuracy I
EAP 140 EAP 140 EAP 140 EAP 140 EAP 140  Grammar for Accuracy II
EAP 145 EAP 145 EAP 145 EAP 145 EAP 145  Pronunciation for Classroom Communication

C. Typical term outline

Registration (new & returning students) Before term begins
Classes begin Week 1
Classes in progress Weeks 2-6
Final Exam Week 7
Registration (returning students) Week 7
Registration (new students)
Registration procedure info will be provided in class
Week 7