English Language School

Frequently Asked Questions

The information on this page is applicable to Bridging Program students only. If you are not a Bridging Program student, please refer to the Academic English for Undergraduate Admission page

Q: How do I pay for EAP classes?

A: You can pay for EAP courses on Bear Tracks after you are enrolled. Information on payment can be found on the Student Tuition Payment Options page in the Financial Services web site. Information on deadlines can be found on the Registration Dates and Deadlines page in the Office of the Registrar website.



Q: How do I register for my EAP course for the next term?

A: If you are a new student, you will be contacted by the Bridging Program (BP) Advisor with instructions on how to register. If you are a current student, you can sign up for your subsequent EAP course at the end of each term. The BP staff will provide you with more information. Please note that you cannot register for your EAP courses (EAP 135, EAP 140, EAP 145) on Bear Tracks.



Q: What are “BP3 sections”?

A: “BP3 sections” are sections in 100-level (first year) credit courses open exclusively to BP students after they successfully complete BP Stage 2. These sections are smaller in size and taught by instructors with a strong understanding of international students. In addition, an in-class tutor/TA is assigned to support students.


Q: How can I enroll in BP3 sections?

A: You can enroll in BP3 sections on Bear Tracks. For details, visit the Registration & Payment Procedures page under “Bridging Program for Undergraduates” in the ELS website. If you have questions about BP3 sections or how to register, please contact the BP Advisor by e-mail at bpadvisor@ualberta.ca.


Q: I found the classroom number for my EAP class on Bear Tracks. Should I go directly to my class on the first day?

A: No. Classroom numbers may change. On the first day of class, you should go to the ELS Office and confirm your classroom number before you go to class.


Q: I’d like to take an academic course, but it is in conflict with my EAP class. Can I change my EAP class time?

A: No. You will need to change the schedule of your academic course. As a BP student, your priority is the completion of your EAP classes. You should build your schedule around your EAP classes. If you are having trouble finding a course that works, please contact your faculty directly for advice.


Q: Is the cost for EAP classes the same for domestic students as it is for international students?

A: Yes. There is no international differential fee assessed for EAP classes. International students pay the same rate as domestic students do for EAP classes.



Q: Can I use an IELTS score instead of completing EAP 145 to enter UAlberta?

A: You cannot use any official test scores that UAlberta accepts after the document deadline, or while you are in BP (e.g. in the middle of a term taking EAP). If you want to submit an IELTS score instead of completing EAP 145 while you are in BP, you will have to withdraw from BP, submit a new application, and meet all the criteria for admission. You are not allowed to attempt the Bridging Program more than once, i.e. you cannot withdraw from and apply to BP again. If you are struggling with your studies, please see the ELS staff for advice and assistance.



Q: How long can I be in the Bridging Program?

A: You have 12 months to complete all of the BP requirements.


Q: Do I need to submit transcripts of my EAP classes to the University once I complete BP?

A: No. The BP staff will update your status in Bear Tracks. However, if you have done a portion of the EAP coursework as a non-BP student, you are required to submit a transcript for that portion. For example, if you took EAP 140 as a non-BP student and EAP 145 as a BP student, you need to submit a transcript of your EAP 140 class to the University.