English Language School

Registration and Payment Procedures

The information on this page is applicable to Bridging Program students only. If you are not a Bridging Program student, please refer to the Academic English for Undergraduate Admission page.

Registration for EAP 135, EAP 140, and EAP 145

New students After you have been given admission to the Bridging Program (BP) on your Beartracks, you should first accept the offer online. The BP Advisor will contact you with instructions on how to register. All correspondence will be sent to your UAlberta e-mail account.
Returning students You can sign up for your subsequent EAP course at the end of each term. The BP staff will provide you with more information in class at the end of the term.


You can pay for your courses on Bear Tracks after you are registered. Information on payment can be found on the Student Tuition Payment Options page in the Financial Services website. Information on deadlines can be found on the Registration Dates and Deadlines page in the Office of the Registrar website.

Registration for BP Classes

Stage 1 students You are not eligible to enroll in BP3 classes until you complete Stage 1.
Stage 2 students While you are not eligible to take BP3 classes in Stage 2, you are eligible to enroll in BP3 classes for future terms on Bear Tracks. For example, if you are in Stage 2 in September, you can enroll in BP3 classes for the Winter term or any subsequent terms.
Stage 3 (BPCM) students You can enroll in BP3 classes on Bear Tracks.