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Online interactive courses available to both individual and group applicants.


Communication Skills for Global Citizenship Online (CSGCO)

The world is now more connected than ever. Many institutions, businesses, and levels of government promote working, studying, and interacting remotely. The concept of online communities is not new, but they may become more common and necessary in the future. The CSGCO course is designed to prepare participants for interacting in an online environment while at the same time learning about Canada and the wider global community through the exploration of themes of history, culture, diversity, sustainability, community engagement and intercultural communication.

The course has three core components and supplementary interactive opportunities:

  • a live virtual class on selected global citizenship topics with guiding videos and language support resources for students to do independently
  • a daily reflective assignment consisting of two parts: written and video or recorded
  • a live virtual class where students will have the opportunity to ask their instructor questions and to collaborate with other students

The focus of the live sessions will be providing opportunities for speaking practice and interaction, while going over each lesson's global citizenship topic and language focus.

Supplementary workshops and online social activities led by our SEC coordinators. These activities will allow CSGCO students to virtually meet and interact with other English Language School students at different language levels and from all over the world.

         Monday, August 10 to Friday, August 21, 2020

  • Course length: two weeks
    Tuition: C$700

This cost includes tuition and SEC activities. Please contact elsinfo@ualberta.ca to apply.


English for Nursing (EFTO) - online

English For Nursing (EFTO) is an online interactive cohort-based course. It provides undergraduate students who are majoring in nursing with the English language skills and communication strategies related to their studies and career. Students will be able to see and interact with their instructor on a daily basis. Students will gain confidence in the areas of speaking and listening, with a focus on specialized terminology and interactions common in a nursing environment. In addition, students will have the opportunity to take part in extra language activities through the Student Engagement Centre. 

Summer 2020

  • Course length: four weeks
    Tuesday, August 4 to Friday, August 28, 2020
    Tuition: C$1,470 per person
    This cost includes tuition and SEC activities. It does not include the cost of textbooks.

English for Science & Technology (ESTO) - online

English for Science and Technology (ESTO) is an online specialized program that provides English language and communication skills to third and fourth-year undergraduate students, as well as graduate students, who are majoring in science and engineering fields and require English language and communication strategies for working, studying and researching in academic or professional settings. The course includes authentic, academic classroom tasks that build communicative language skills and virtual visits to science related facilities in the Edmonton area. In addition, students will have the opportunity to take part in extra language activities through the Student Engagement Centre. 

Offered online

  • Contact elsinfo@ualberta.ca for more information

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