English Language School

Advanced Professional Program in English-Medium Instruction (APPEMI)

Enhance your teaching confidence, skill, and your spoken and written English to meet student needs in English-medium contexts.

This program is for you if:

you are a higher education instructor whose native language is not English, but who uses or will use English to teach courses in your subject area.


By the end of the program, you will be able to: 

  • plan units and lessons that facilitate student learning of course content in English,
  • design active learning strategies for engaging students with your course content,
  • meet the needs of international students in your classroom, and
  • enhance your skill and confidence in spoken and written English.

The eight courses in the APPEMI program have been carefully crafted to provide participants with theory and practice in English-medium instruction. Each 13-hour course focuses on a specific aspect of teaching in an EMI context. 

These eight courses address: 

  • intercultural teaching and learning,
  • facilitating student participation
  • instructional design, 
  • teaching with technology, and
  • lesson planning.

The program also includes the opportunity to teach and receive feedback on a lesson that incorporates EMI strategies.

Complementary English language courses are available upon request. APPEMI is fully customizable to meet participant needs. The program can be delivered at the UAlberta campus in Edmonton, or at a learning site anywhere in the world.

Instructional Approach

For a full description of APPEMI, please consult the APPEMI brochure