English Language School

Homestay Application

University staff carefully selects families who have a real desire to share their family life with an international student. Host families provide a comforting and supportive home environment, making the student feel at ease to practice English outside the classroom. 

Host families provide the student with a furnished room and three meals a day

Your host family will provide you with a private, furnished bedroom which includes towels and linen. You will be responsible for keeping your bedroom, towels, linen and clothing clean. Your host family will provide you with breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week. Food is provided for you to prepare your own breakfast. Lunch is usually packed during the school week and dinner is prepared by the host family.


We select homes that are on convenient bus routes to the University of Alberta. Host families will normally live a maximum of a 45-minute bus ride from the University.

House rules

You are expected to abide by the house rules. You will work out a mutually acceptable set of house rules with your host family shortly after your arrival in Edmonton. You should ask for clarification when there is something you do not understand.

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