Student Information

Bring Your Own Device

The faculty’s new Open Doors classroom space (2nd floor Enterprise Square) is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) enabled. BYOD means that you can bring your own portable technology (laptop, netbook, tablet, or smartphone) and connect to the internet via the campus WiFi.

BYOD will enable you to use your own device to conduct research, take notes, and pursue topics that are part of your courses. Using your own device means working with a familiar device and one you can continue working on once at home or at work. You will also be able to collaborate with fellow students outside our learning spaces.

Campus WiFi

  • network name: ‘UWS’
  • log in with your CCID and password

Charging Your Devices

It is best to come with your device fully charged. If your device needs charging, there are numerous electrical outlets within the corridors of the Open Doors central areas, including USB outlets, distributed throughout the student spaces. Remember to bring your power cord.

You can charge your device before class, at lunch, or during breaks.  Please do not leave devices unattended at any time.

Safety is a priority at the University of Alberta. Phones left on the floor or power cords hanging from tables are tripping hazards, so charging will not be allowed during class time.

Some of our courses are computer assisted

These courses include computer-based activities, and you may need to download software in advance of the course start date to maximize your learning. If you plan on using your own device, ensure that the course-required software is loaded and your device is charged before coming to class.