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Costs, Fees, and Payment

Tuition and education credit income tax receipts will be issued only to students registered in courses that provide credit towards a citation, certificate, diploma, or degree.

Students who qualify for the Tuition and Education Tax Credit can access official income tax receipts (Form T2202A) the following February after the tax year. Eligibility will be based on the Income Tax Act and student’s registration records.

Access your T2202A slip online:

Bear Tracks > Financials > T2202A Tax Form

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Costs, Fees, and Payment FAQs

  • Does the Faculty of Extension accept indent payments from other UAlberta departments?

    The Faculty of Extension accepts University of Alberta interdepartmental payments (Indents) for tuition. Submit the completed registration form and signed Indent via campus mail to Faculty of Extension Student Services Office 1-001, 10230 Jasper Ave NW or via email at

  • Does the Faculty of Extension offer payment by invoice?

    Students who are sponsored by their employer or other entity, must submit a signed and completed course registration form and include on elf the following:

    1) A Letter of Authorization on company letterhead, the letter must state that the University of Alberta is authorized to invoice for payment or
    2) A Purchase Order that includes student name(s), course name(s) and date(s), fees, and the printed name and written signature of an official with signing authority (not the student) or
    3) A completed Letter of Authorization form.

  • How do I pay for courses?
    Please see How To Register for details on how to pay for courses.
  • How does a third party or sponsor make a payment?

    Any student whose fees are paid by another source is considered a third party/sponsored student. Third Party Sponsors will be expected to adhere to University policies including the withdrawal and refund policies outlined. Students are responsible for advising the third party of any changes to the financial record after the initial billing.

    In adherence with the FOIPP policy, any University of Alberta documentation which contains student personal information requires written student consent for release to a third party. Contact the Extension Student Services Office for further information.

  • My account is overdue / there is a financial hold. What now?

    In any case where a student has neglected or refused to pay amounts owed to the University, the Registrar has been empowered and directed by the Board of Governors to deny or terminate registration and withhold their official transcript and/or official parchment, until the student has settled the account with the University or has made arrangements satisfactory to the University to do so. For example, the official parchment, or official transcript, may be withheld or registration denied if the student owes the University for library penalties or fines; for purchases at the University Bookstore; for parking or traffic violations; for breakage or damage to laboratory facilities or supplies; for student fees and University of Alberta Emergency Student Loans; for room and board fees; for fees for reexamination or deferred final examinations; or for fines imposed by the Discipline Officer or the University Appeal Board.

    Delinquent accounts will be reported to the Credit Bureau and referred to a collection agency for recovery.

  • What fees does the Faculty of Extension charge?

    The following non-instructional fees may be added to student accounts:

    > Admission Fee: $100
    > Withdraw Fee
    : $75
    > Course Transfer Fee
    : $75
    > Special/Deferred Exam Fee
    : $100
    > Grade Appeals
    : $100
    > Duplicate Certificate Fee
    : $100
    > Transfer Credit Fee
    : $125 per course
    > Readmission Fee
    : $50
    > Credit by Special Assessment
    : $125 per assessment.
    (Please note: Credit by Special Assessment requires approval from the program office and is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Contact your program office for more information).