Kent Rondeau, PhD

Associate Professor


Business | Communications | Community Engagement

About Me

I have been affiliated with the Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta since January 2017.  Prior to that, I was an associate professor in the School of Public Health, University of Alberta from 1997 to 2016.  I began my academic career as an assistant professor in the School of Health Administration, Dalhousie University in 1989.  


Although my graduate academic preparation is strongly concentrated in the fields of organizational behaviour and theory, my research interests focus on better understanding the seminal contribution that human resources play in creating high performance health care organizations and health systems.  I have conducted research in healthcare organizations and with healthcare employees investigating the implementation of: high-involvement work systems, employee engagement programs, the impact of organizational change and restructuring on physicians and nurses, organizational climate and culture, and have conducted research investigating intellectual, social and human capital in healthcare workplaces.  I employ a broad array of methodological approaches in my research, although many utilize survey methods and quantitative analysis. Most of my research studies focus on exploring how organizational and health system performance can be enhanced through the effective management and development of people at work. My research has been widely published and has been presented at many national and international conferences. I consult with a number of key stakeholders and health policy makers, including Health Canada.


My philosophy of teaching is informed by a number of factors that include, but are not limited to mandated course content that I am required to cover, student learning objectives, my preferred teaching style, instructional strategies and approaches, and the chosen methods for the evaluation of student learning outcomes.  In summary, my teaching philosophy is informed by three major factors: the content of what I teach and the venue in which learning is enabled, the means that best facilitates student learning and student engagement with the learning process, and my own preferred teaching style.

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