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Kevin E Jones, PhD, MA, BSocSc

Assistant Professor Public Engagement and Public Policy


About Me

Dr. Kevin Jones is Assistant Professor of Community Engagement and Public Policy in the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Extension.

Dr. Jones is an interdisciplinary social scientist researching adaptations to the social and environmental challenges which increasingly define today’s world. His research explores pathways to transformative change focussing on processes of institutional and governance innovation. A central element of this work involves the role of public expertise and citizenship engagement as prompts for reflexivity and for opening-up risk issues to more robust governance approaches.

Kevin has been with the Faculty of Extension since 2010, previously working as a Research Associate and Director of the City-Region Studies Centre. In this role, he worked to grow and support urban and regional research at the University of Alberta, as well as to support local city-building conversations and the development of a vibrant community of practice.  He was chair of Regional Planning Speakers Series, a contributor to the Curbtalks blog and Editor of Curb Magazine. His research conducted at CRSC included a study of globalisation and city-regional forms of municipal governance adaptation, a study of the development and rebranding of Edmonton as an Innovative City, and continuing research on place-based and community engaged urbanism.

Kevin’s current teaching is focussed on theory and practice related to community engagement, and he supports graduate education and supervision as part of the Faculty’s MA in Community Engagement.  Additionally, a new series of professional short courses are being developed which explore the relationship between engagement, urban citizenship and sustainable city-building.  

Outside of the office, Kevin is an avid gardener and supporter of sustainable urban food systems. He is an active volunteer with Prairie Urban Farm, and a member of the garden’s advisory board.  You can find more information about PUF, including volunteer hours, market details and programmed events by visiting us at:


Below is a brief overview of Dr. Jones's current research interests and activities. Further information can be found on his Research Gate profile page.

Scholarly Areas of Research:

- Social Constructionism and Actor Network Theory

- Sociology of Risk and the Environment

- Urban and Cultural Geography

- Public Engagement and Participatory Governance

- Institutional Adaptation and Policy Change

Current Research Projects:

- A study of intangible urban heritage, place-making and urban citizenship (with R. Shields).

- Climate change and institutional adaptation in Western Canada's forest sector (with D. Davidson).

- Community leadership mapping and capacity building in urban engagement (with M. Beckie and R. McMahon).

- Governance adaptations within Canada's resource dependent communities (with K. Van Assche).

Primary Research Methodologies:

- Mixed qualitative research methods, including interview, focus group and ethnographic approaches.

- Publicly engaged research and participatory action research.

- Thematic discourse analysis.


City Building and Community Engagement Series

1. EXCPE6101 Citizenship and Municipal Governance

2. EXCPE6102 Urban Citizenship and Place Making

3. EXCPE6103 Prairie Urbanism

Cities provide the backdrop to our everyday lives.  More than a collection of geographic labels and place names, they are the contexts in which we order our social, cultural, economic, and political lives. Cities are also aspirational spaces for innovative responses to challenges such as climate change, sustainability, social justice, resiliency, and food security.  As such, they are becoming essential hubs for citizenship and participation in our society. They are a scale at which we participate as citizens and collective communities in our everyday interactions, as well as a scale for imagining progressive futures and catalysing change.

Offered by the Faculty of Extension and the City-Region Studies Centre, City-Building and Community Engagement is a series of short professional development courses exploring community engagement, city-building, and change. The series invites learners to explore how our cities are changing, and the opportunities for engagement and citizenship to inform these transitions.

MACE TBD Public Engagement and Policy Adaptation (Winter)

Details to follow.