Journal Publications

Scholarship of Engagement 

The promise of collective impact partnerships
Mayan, M., Pauchulu, A. L., Gillespie, D., Misita, D., and Mejia, T. (2019). Community Development Journal.

Food Systems and Sustainability in Urban and Rural Communities

Creating a local food procurement community of practice: The Alberta Flavour Learning Lab
Beckie, M. A., Hedberg, L. and Radies, J. (2019). Canadian Food Studies.

Establishing Sustainable Food Production Communities of Practice: Nutrition Gardening and Pond Fish Farming in the Kolli Hills, India
Hudson, S., Beckie, M., Krogman, N., and Gow, G. (2019). Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development.

Making Place for Local Food: Reflections on Institutional Procurement and the Alberta Flavour Learning Lab
Granzow, M. C. & Beckie, M. A. (2019). Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development

Evaluation in Early Childhood and the Social Sector

Continued attendance for paediatric weight management: A multicentre, qualitative study of parents' reasons and facilitators
Farnesi, B-C., Perez, A., Holt, N.L., Morrison, K.M., Gokiert, R. et al. (2019). Clinical Obesity.

Cultural Brokering with Syrian Refugee Families with Young Children: An Exploration of Challenges and Best Practices in Psychosocial Adaptation
Yohani, S., Kirova, A., Georgis, R. Gokiert, Mejia, T., and Chiu, Y. (2019). Journal of International Migration and Integration.

Implementation of Healthy Eating Interventions in Center-Based Childcare: The Selection, Application, and Reporting of Theories, Models, and Frameworks
Alsumait, A., ElSalhy, M., Behzadi, S., Raine, K. D., Gokiert, R., et al. (2019). BMC Oral Health.

Language Learning and Development

Podcasts and English-Language Learning: A Qualitative Investigation of Organizational, Instructional, and Learning Perspectives
Mao, Y., Guardado, M., and Meyer, K. R. (2019). International Journal of Information Communication Technologies and Human Development.


Community Setting as a Determinant of Health for Indigenous Peoples Living in the Prairie Provinces of Canada: High Rates and Advanced Presentations of Tuberculosis
Mayan, M.J., Gokiert, R.J., et al. (2019). International Indigenous Policy Journal.


Featured poster presentations

    Lakeshore Living

    Lakeshore Living: Designing Lake Places and Communities in the Footprints of Environmental Writers, by Paul J. Radomski, and Kristof Van Assche (2014)

    Featured books

    Browse the latest written and edited works from our talented community-engaged scholars.

    Discourse, Ideology and Heritage Language Socialization: Micro and Macro Perspectives, Martin Guardado (2018)

    Boom & Bust: A Guide to managing ups and downs in communities

    Boom & Bust: A Guide to managing ups and downs in communities, by Kristof Van Assche, et al. (2016)

    Sustainability Planning

    Sustainability Planning and Collaboration in Rural Canada: Taking the Next Steps, edited by Lars K. Hallström, Mary A. Beckie, Glen T. Hvenegaard, Karsten Mündel (2016)

    Scaling Up

    Scaling Up: The Convergence of Social Economy and Sustainability, edited by Mike Gismondi, Sean Connelly, Mary Beckie, Sean Markey, and Mark Roseland (2016)

    English Language Education in a Global World

    English Language Education in a Global World: Practices, Issues and Challenges, contribution from Martin Guardado, edited by Lap Tuen Wong and Aditi Dubey-Jhaveri (2015)

    City-Regions in Prospect?

    City-Regions in Prospect? Exploring Points between Place and Practice, edited by Kevin Edson Jones, Alex Lord and Rob Shields (2015)

    Rural Development

    Rural development: Knowledge and Expertise in Governance, by Kristof Van Assche and Anna-Katharina Hornidge (2015)