Morrison Structural Engineering Laboratory capital renewal now complete

Morrison Structural Engineering Laboratory


Projected completion
December 2022

Estimated cost

Project type
Capital renewal

This building houses large scale testing of structures or structural elements from electro-hydraulic testing to manufacturing and fabrications of test specimens. It is a significant space for world leading engineering research and related activities. This renovation focuses on optimizing space, a greater focus on contiguous design between new shop space and existing space. The existing office areas are reworked for greater functionality, while maintaining existing stair and entrance locations. The space has been simplified, with outdoor storage being organized to the south of the building, and waste management being relocated to the southwest of the building to allow improved aesthetics and pedestrian access.

The research capabilities of the Morrison Structural Lab are greatly increased through the addition of a new strong wall and associated strong floor made from reinforced concrete. This strong wall and strong floor enable researchers to conduct large-scale, leading edge research on lateral load-resisting systems, such as steel plate shear walls that make buildings safe during earthquakes. It is another example of the Integrated Asset Management Strategy in operation with a focus on renewal and optimizing existing infrastructure to align with the growth of research and student learning needs.