Suspicious Package or Letter

A suspicious package could contain explosive material or hazardous substances intended to harm the recipient.

Identifying a suspicious package

A package or letter is considered “suspicious” if it meets any of the following criteria:

  • The address is missing, made-up, or wrong
  • It is addressed to a title or includes only a first or last name
  • The postmark is inconsistent with the return address
  • It has excessive packaging, weight or postage
  • Common words are misspelled
  • It is discoloured, stained or has a peculiar smell
  • There is evidence of unusual powder or residue

 If you receive a suspicious package or letter

  • Stay calm. Do not open the package.
  • Move to a safe area away from the letter or package. Prevent others from entering the space.
  • Notify Protective Services (780-492-5050).
  • Wash your hands with soap and water to avoid potentially contaminating your face with hazardous materials.
  • Do not brush off any clothes as residue may be relevant to an investigation.
  • Stay in a safe place and cooperate with emergency responders.