Crisis Management Team

The Crisis Management Team (CMT) is the primary resource for managing and coordinating the University's response to a major emergency. It is made up of administrators and subject matter experts from across the university.

The CMT includes the Emergency Policy Group (EPG). The EPG is the group of senior executive who make decisions during an emergency when those decisions affect the entire institution.

In the event of a Level 2 or Level 3 emergency, some or all members of the CMT are summoned to the Emergency Operations Centre.

The CMT has the following functions:

  • provides support for first responders
  • evaluates impact of emergency on overall operation of the University
  • evaluates impact of University operations on conduct of the emergency response
  • communicates with the University community
  • communicates with government and municipal authorities
  • manages all communications with media and public
  • facilitates long-term planning for the emergency operation
  • initiates plans for recovery
  • makes strategic and policy decision as required

CMT Resources