Build a unit action plan


Everyone needs a plan. From the president's office to the lowly office of emergency management, based on the org chart. The reality is that every employee, every student, every faculty member, needs to receive information on what to do in an emergency. They need to know what to do when it happens. In fact, in Alberta, it is a requirement under Part 7 of the OHS Code, and similar legislation (in BC, it's Section 4.13).
Your Unit Action Plan (UAP) provides that information. It will cover your current workplace, or work unit, not the units you are responsible for.

A good plan is one that is applicable to your current workplace, shared, and reviewed/updated annually.
Building your plan takes only a few minutes. To start your plan, follow the linked instructions to create a Unit Emergency Plan (UAP) for your unit. An email will be sent to the plan creator on the plan anniversary with a reminder to review. This new format will reflect any emergency plan changes made by Emergency Management. 

In 2020, all existing unit action plans in the Hazard Response wiki will transition to the new format. Until December 2020, you can still find your previously created UAP in the Hazard Response Wiki - University of Alberta We recommend that you create a new version of your plan before December 2020.


Note 1 Enterprise Square Tenants should consult the ESQ Emergency Procedures Document.

Note 2 U of A Units located in AHS buildings have other considerations for planning.

If you are having a continuity incident right now...