Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


2016 | Stadium Car Park and Augustana Campus
2018 | Miquelon Lake Research Station

Five electric vehicle charging stations have been installed at University of Alberta. Two wall mounts at Stadium Car Park, one for for public use and one for university vehicles, two pedestal mounts at Augustana Campus for university vehicles and one at Miquelon Lake Research Station for staff use.


  • 10,058 kg of carbon emissions saved from the Stadium and Augustana charging stations as of early 2021.
    Equivalent to planting ~258 trees.
  • ChargePoint is the first ENERGY STAR® Certified Electric Vehicle Charger
  • At Augustana Campus, the building's kW solar photovoltaic and battery system supplies enough electricity for the charging stations and research centre.

Innovation & Technology

  • Electric vehicle charging stations on campus are only $2 per hour and are available for up to 4 hours.
  • The average car trip in Edmonton is 9.4 km while the average round trip commute is 25.6 km. Both are within the range of standard electric vehicles which vary from 175 km to over 500 km.

Estimated Savings

  • Electric Vehicles produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions, are cheaper to operate and maintain and deliver great performance
  • Driving an electric vehicle in Alberta produces on average 35% fewer emissions than a standard vehicle.
  • $3,000 in annual savings compared to a standard vehicle from lower fuel and maintenance costs