Major Projects

Our projects aim to reduce UAlberta's environmental impact. From helping the university operate more efficiently to promoting conservation on campus, our innovations lead to sustainability. Some of our current projects include:


Envision is UAlberta's energy management program. Named for its "energy" and "vision," the program implements projects that help establish UAlberta as a leader in sustainability. Envision supports projects that:

  • Reduce energy use on campus
  • Renew university infrastructure
  • Introduce renewable energy technologies
  • Conserve water on campus
  • Create awareness about sustainability practices on campus

To date, UAlberta's energy management program has reduced greenhouse gas emissions on campus by more than 2.3 million tonnes and has saved the university more than $350 million.

Over the next five project phases, Envision will invest $35 million to prevent 30,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere each year. Learn how Envision will reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our Energy Reduction Master Plan.

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Advancing in sustainability means finding new ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on campus.

Our Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory tracks greenhouse gas sources on campus, such as utility use, fleet vehicles, refrigerants, fertilizers and solid waste. We use this data to improve our accuracy, transparency and accountability in our sustainability reporting, and to measure the results of our work. Our Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan is our commitment to a more sustainable future on campus. Our goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 17 per cent from 2005 levels by 2020.

Watego: Proactive Water Protection

Watego is our university-wide water conservation program. Investing in innovative water-saving technologies and water fixture upgrades across campus, the program contributes to a sustainable water future for our province. Watego is the first program of its kind in Alberta.

Recently, we converted the water fixtures in the General Services Building washrooms to low flow. These new fixtures:

  • Use 60 per cent less domestic water
  • Use 78 per cent less steam for domestic water heating
  • Save $3,300 in utility costs each year

Water Management Plan

Want to learn more about water stewardship at UAlberta? The Water Management Plan explains what the university is doing to reduce its water use and, ultimately, contribute to a sustainable water future in Alberta.

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Our District Energy System

U of A runs its own District Energy System, which gives us flexibility and control over our energy production and consumption. Learn more about district energy and how it helps reduce the university's environmental impact.

Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System™ (STARS®)

STARS® is a self-reporting system post secondary institutions use to measure sustainability. Learn about U of A's STARS® Gold rating.

Waste Diversion

U of A's goal is to divert 90 per cent of our waste by 2020. We are getting closer to that goal each day, consistently applying and improving our waste diversion practices. Learn more about waste diversion at U of A.

U of A's Greenhouse Gas Emissions

GHG Reductions Graph Learn more about the university's progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by clicking to view the graph above.