All-Gender Washroom Pilot Project

All gender washroom sign
Screenshot of all gender washrooms in campus maps

North Campus

Funding approved and allocated

Projected completion
March 2023

Estimated cost

Project type
Pilot project

In May 2022, funding was allocated to student accessibility initiatives across our campuses, including all-gender washrooms, ramp access to buildings and power doors. Through collaboration with the Dean of Students and the Students' Union, prioritization of projects occurred. A high priority focus was greater access to all gender washrooms to meet the safety needs of students, faculty, staff and visitors. As a result, 49 all-gender washroom stalls will be converted across North Campus.

Renovations will include updates to plumbing, upgraded partition systems, upgrading existing washroom lighting and various other architectural finish improvements, change tables as well as new building wayfinding signage in the following buildings:

  • Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science, lower level (14)
  • Tory Building (11)
  • Education South (4)
  • Education North (5)
  • Katz Centre (5)
  • Natural Resources Engineering Facility (10)

By consciously recognizing and surpassing accessibility barriers, the university reaffirms its responsibility to keeping our campuses safe, accessible and welcoming. Further all-gender washrooms are under planning for all five campuses and it is anticipated that a much higher volume will be accessible in 2023/24.