Cleaning Services

A shared responsibility

By working together we can ensure that our campuses continue to be friendly and welcoming for our whole community. Please do your part to keep our campus clean.

University cleaning staff responsibilities

Cleaning and sanitizing

  • High touch surfaces, with an increased frequency during the day
  • Daily cleaning of washrooms with spot checks during the day
  • Emptying Zero Waste recycling and garbage stations

Taking care of common areas

  • Common areas and lounges are fully serviced twice per week with ongoing checks and spot cleaning weekdays
  • Cleaning entrances and lobbies twice per week
  • Adding sanitizing stations at main entrances to buildings
  • Increased sanitizing of high touch points like doorknobs and railings

Please do not submit a maintenance request for regular cleaning. Instead, contact your supervisor for additional cleaning services if required.

University custodians are responsible for cleaning a total area of over 12.5 million square feet on our campuses! This includes classrooms, labs, study spaces, offices, lounges, and so much more.

Our goal is to maintain a safe and healthy environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors, in support of the university’s mission.

Cleaning standards

Our cleaning staff and contractors follow a set of cleaning standards, in accordance with Association of Physical Plant Administrators (APPA), to ensure the quality of cleanliness on campus.

Faculty and department area responsibilities

Faculties and departments are required to provide additional cleaning and sanitization to their work surfaces and equipment to meet public health requirements. This might include:

  • Cleaning high-touch surfaces in offices and labs
  • Workbenches, laboratory benches, desktops and cabinets
  • Fume hoods
  • Laboratory, research, athletic and maintenance equipment
  • High touch spaces in faculty and department areas (like common areas)
  • Meeting rooms and board rooms
  • Emptying garbages (offices and work spaces) into a central Zero Waste station
  • Any additional cleaning desired

For tips and instructions on cleaning, view this tip sheet.

Cleaning quality assurance program

Quality assurance inspectors work in conjunction with area supervisors and cleaning teams to ensure cleaning tasks are completed in accordance with APPA standards. Each building undergoes a pre-scheduled cleaning inspection every two months or up to six times per year. Spot checks are completed between scheduled inspections to provide an overall assessment of cleanliness throughout the year. Trends and anomalies are identified through data analysis to optimize our service delivery model, while ensuring that required service levels are achieved and consistently maintained.

Customized custodial services

If you would like to arrange customized cleaning services beyond our current cleaning standards, please submit a work requisition. Our team can customize your custodial services to best fit your department or faculty budget.

For questions or assistance, contact your area manager.

How often campuses are cleaned

Site Cleaning Frequency
Washrooms Daily
Locker and change rooms Daily
Classrooms, teaching labs, seminar
rooms and libraries
Weekly with checks and spot cleaning
Lounges, kitchens and lunch rooms Twice a week with checks and spot cleaning
Offices (common, private and general) Monthly
Reception areas and waiting rooms Weekly with checks and spot cleaning
Gymnasiums and recreational studios Daily
Patient treatment areas Daily
Research labs Weekly
Entrances and lobbies Winter - daily
Summer - twice per week
Main stairs, stairwells and landings Weekly with checks and spot cleaning
Secondary stairs, stairwells and landings Monthly
Main corridors and elevators Dust mop daily. Wash twice a week or as needed
Secondary corridors Dust mop weekly. Wash once every two weeks or as needed
Bleachers As required
Loading docks and receiving areas As required
Storage rooms As required
Mechanical rooms As required