Food Truck Leasing

Food truck

Do you run a food truck?

We invite you to apply and reach a new audience on the U of A Campus.


The University of Alberta is excited to implement a formalized process for the use and booking of food trucks on all of our campuses. Together, we can add greater diversity to our food service offerings on campus for our students, staff and the wider community. 

Why Park your truck with us

  • Students are a prime audience wanting unique yet quick dining experiences. They also satisfy their hunger at varying times throughout the day — not just at typical lunch hours. 
  • Most university staff work a 8-4 p.m. schedule and look for lunch options on campus. They welcome novel offerings, especially with limited dining on campus during summer months. 
  • The nature of campus means people frequently walk outside to get from one building to another — consistent foot traffic!


Food Truck Locations

With multiple locations to choose from, you can be sure to find your perfect spot. You can even try several locations if you’d like!

North Campus food truck map (pdf)

Rules and Regulations

You must possess the following in order to apply:

  • Valid Certificate of Insurance evidencing a minimum of $2,000,000 (two million dollars) of general liability insurance coverage and automobile liability insurance. The Governors of the University of Alberta must be added as an additional insured.
  • Valid AHS Food Handling Permit.
  • Valid business licence from the City of Edmonton.
  • Valid driver’s licence.

Vendor Fees

North Campus

Vendor Fees for monthly, weekly, and daily leasing on North Campus
Schedule Fee Recurrence Commission
Monthly $500/month 3 days per week 5% of gross sales
Weekly $200/week 2 days per week 5% of gross sales
Daily $250/day 1 day per week 5% of gross sales

Additional Campuses (Saint-Jean, Augustana, Foote Field/South Campus)

Vendor Fees for monthly, weekly, and daily leasing at Campus Saint-Jean, Augustana Campus and Foote Field/South Campus
Schedule Fee Recurrence Commission
Monthly $350/month 3 days per week N/A
Weekly $150/week 2 days per week N/A
Daily $100/day 1 day per week N/A

Bring a Food Truck to Your Event!

Would you like to host a food truck on campus for your faculty/department? What about bringing a food truck in for your next student group party? If you’re part of our campus community, you can do just that by following the internal bookings process.

Process for Internal Bookings

  1. Departments and student groups book outdoor spaces directly with Outdoor Site Bookings. Then they also need to apply for a food truck vending permit with Commercial Leasing.
    1. Outdoor Site Bookings provides approval for space, location, waste cans, etc.
    2. Commercial Leasing provides approval for the food truck space and vending permit
  2. Commercial Leasing receives the online application, approves the booking of food truck space and issues a vending permit for the food truck to be parked on campus on a particular date.
    1. Commercial Leasing reviews all the required documentation and verifies compliance with regulations.
  3. Commercial Leasing contacts OSB & Parking services to notify that a food truck has been approved. All approved food trucks will be added to the Food Truck calendar.
  4. A non-refundable fee is charged per event to get a food truck vending permit.


Note: Fees apply to one-time events. Prices do not include GST, GST applies to all vending permits.

This fee does not cover extra items, such as garbage bins and picnic tables. Request those separately through Outdoor Site Bookings. However, our pre-approved sites have been chosen for close proximity to garbage cans and sitting areas. If you have any further questions, contact Commercial Leasing at
Location Daily Fee Commission
North Campus $250 N/A
Additional campuses (Saint-Jean, Augustana, Foote Field/South Campus) $100 N/A


It is expected that all food truck operations will agree to fully indemnify and hold harmless the University for any and all claims that may arise while operating on University property.

Food truck application form

Questions about the Food Truck program?

Contact Commercial Leasing today.

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