For Contractors and Consultants

Facilities & Operations works with contractors and consultants to carry out building and renovation projects across the university. Here is the information you need for your bid or project.

Forms and Documents for Contractors

Looking for a form or document related to your work at UAlberta? You will find everything from general safety checklists to permit request forms to site waste management procedures in our Forms and Documents.

Contractor Safety Requirements

Interested in bidding on a project at UAlberta? Learn about our safety pre-qualification requirements and how you can meet them.

Hazmat Contractor & Consultant Responsibilities

Learn the requirements for managing asbestos at the UAlberta as a contractor or as a consultant.

Hazardous Materials

Learn about hazardous materials on campus, including details about our Hazardous Materials Management Program, and how we properly manage asbestos and mould.

Design Drawing Specifications

Are you creating a drawing for a UAlberta project? Make sure your drawing meets our design drawing specifications and technical guidelines.

Design Guidelines and Specifications

Our design guidelines and specifications apply to all UAlberta capital and renewal projects. Project managers, consultants and contractors apply these standards to the planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of university facilities. Access the planning and specification documents you need for your project.

Excavation Permits

If your work on university grounds involves any ground disturbance, you will need an excavation permit. View the Excavation Permits webpage to learn more.