Construction Site Safety

Each year, the University of Alberta undertakes a variety of construction and renewal projects on its campuses. These projects range from construction of new buildings, to smaller renovations and upgrades. Regardless of the scale of the project, construction-site safety is the highest priority, as the university aims to provide a safe and secure environment on campus.

Follow the top 10 safety tips when you encounter a construction site:

  1. Obey construction and way-finding signs at all times
  2. Use designated passages when walking near construction; never take short cuts
  3. Never enter a construction site or interfere with construction operations
  4. Always follow instructions from construction personnel, including flag persons
  5. If you see an unsafe condition, advise the nearest construction personnel immediately
  6. Be aware of common tripping hazards
  7. Never walk beneath an overhead load
  8. Avoid areas of high noise-generating equipment or activities
  9. Be attentive to ongoing changes around construction sites
  10. If you witness suspicious activity around a construction site, contact UAPS immediately at (780) 492-5050