Driver Authorization

Kenji Kinoshita (passenger seat) takes Aaron through the driver's training course.


Faculty and staff who are required to drive a university-owned or privately-owned vehicle or vehicle rented or leased for university business must be authorized drivers. Additional requirements apply to operators of 12- or 15-passenger vans and 24-passenger buses and ATVs.

Our driver authorization requirements include:

  • Renters must be at least 19 years old
  • Renters must have a valid, non-graduated Class 5 licence (or higher) issued in Canada or the United States; renters holding an out-of-province licence must submit a three-year driver abstract with their rental application
  • Cannot exceed violation and demerit limitations
  • Renters must have completed a defensive driving course within the last two years (and submit their certificate); we accept defensive driving course certificates issued by UAlberta, Canada Safety Council, Alberta Motor Association or Alberta Transportation
  • Renters must complete a one-hour, in-car driver evaluation in a university vehicle
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  • Renters must submit a Request for Driving Privileges form to the Fleet Safety Officer

For details on driver authorization, please see our Driver Authorization Requirements.