The Melissa Steward Award

The Melissa Steward Award for Lab Excellence was named for Melissa Steward, who worked as a laboratory technician in the Pulmonary Research Group (PRG) Airway Inflammation Team until her death at a young age on January 11, 2005.

The award commemorates Melissa's positive attitude and excellent work in the laboratory. It is awarded annually to one who exemplifies Melissa's work ethic by maintaining and promoting a safe laboratory environment and a positive and productive workplace.

Members of the Airway Inflammation Team submit nominations, with the final recipient voted on by members of the shared lab. 

Past recipients of the Melissa Steward Award for Lab Excellence

2017- Eduardo Reyes-Serratos
2017 - Kurtis Ng
2015 - Vivek Gandhi
2013 - Vivek Gandhi
2012 - Tae Chul Moon
2011 - Drew Nahirney
2010 - Chris St. Laurent
2009 - Ramses Ilarraza
2008 - Chris Tse
2007 - Rene Dery
2006 - Chris St. Laurent
2005 - Melanie Abel