Brian J. Sproule Lectureship

The first Annual Brian J. Sproule Lectureship was held 1998. Dr. Sproule was the 1st Director of the Division of Pulmonary Medicine at the University of Alberta and has had a tremendous influence on the development of Pulmonary Medicine in Edmonton and in Alberta in general.

Alberta Respiratory Centre (ARC) Research will commemorate Dr. Sproule and hope to honour his memory in the years to come. 

Speakers for the Brian J Sproule Lectureship:

2019 - Dr. Jean Bourbeau, McGill University

2018 - Denis O'Donnell, Queen's University

2017 - Louis-Philippe Boulet, Laval University

2016 – S. F. Paul Man, University of British Columbia

2015 - Sally Wenzel, University of Pittsburgh

2014 - James C. Hogg, University of British Columbia

2013 - Jack Gauldie, McMaster University

2012 - Malcolm Sears, McMaster University

2011 - Allison Fryer, Oregon Health & Science University

2010 - Duncan J Stewart, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

2009 - Douglas Bradley, University of Toronto

2008 - Robert Cowie, University of Calgary

2007 - Arthur Slutsky, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto

2006 - James G. Martin, McGill University

2005 - Gregory Downey, University of Toronto

2004 - Frederick Hargreave, McMaster University

2003 - Eliot Phillipson, University of Toronto

2002 - Nicholas Anthonisen, University of Manitoba

2001 - Peter Paré, University of British Columbia

2000 - Thomas A. Platts-Mills, University of Virginia

1999 - William W. Busse, University of Wisconsin

1998 - Stephen Holgate, University of Southampton, UK