Paul Man Lectureship

In 2004, the Paul Man Lectureship in Obstructive Airway Diseases was initiated in honour of Dr. SFP Man, one of our outstanding clinicians, who served as the Director of the Division of Pulmonary Medicine for over 10 years. Dr. Paul O’Byrne was the inaugural lecturer. The Paul Man Lectureship has been sponsored jointly by the PRG and AstraZeneca Canada for the years 2004-2011. It is now sponsored jointly by ARC Research, AstraZeneca Canada, InterMune, and Novartis.

Speakers for the Paul Man Lectureship:

2019 - Nathalie Grandvaux, Université de Montréal

2018 - Theo Moraes, University of Toronto

2017 - Padmaja Subbarao, University of Toronto

2016 - Catherine Lemière, University of Montreal

2015 - Shawn Aaron, University of Ottawa

2014 - Don Sin, University of British Columbia

2013 - Mark Larché, McMaster University

2012 - Parameswaran Nair, McMaster University

2011 - Alkis Togias, John Hopkins University

2010 - Donata Vercelli, University of Arizona

2008 - Peter G. Gibson, University of Newcastle

2007 - Dean Metcalfe,National Institutes of Health

2006 - Judah A. Denburg, McMaster University

2005 - F. Estelle R Simons, University of Manitoba

2004 - Paul O'Byrne, McMaster University