• Dr. Arturo Sánchez-Azofeifa (Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences), Associate Dean, Faculty of Science, International and Graduate Affairs Office; Director, CEOS; Director, TropiDry. Dr. Sánchez-Azofeifa uses remote sensing and geographic information systems to evaluate 1) the effectiveness of protected areas (National Parks and Biological Reserves) and 2) Payment of Environmental Services schemes to control tropical deforestation in Mesoamerica.


Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Faculty of Science

  • Dr. R. J. Hall, Adjunct Professor and Research Scientist, Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, Edmonton. Develop methods using remote sensing and geographic information systems to model and map forest structure and biophysical attributes (eg., leaf area index, biomass).
  • Dr. Jeffrey L. Kavanaugh, Assistant Professor. Research on the impact of mechanical and hydraulic conditions in subglacial water systems.
  • Dr. Benoit Rivard, Professor. Use of hyperspectral imaging for characterization of oil sands, to support underground mining operations, for regional mineral exploration, and for mapping agencies to delineate and manage their targeted resources.
  • Dr. Arturo Sánchez-Azofeifa, Associate Dean, Faculty of Science, International and Graduate Affairs Office; Director, CEOS; Director, TropiDry. Wireless remote sensing in inaccessible regions.
  • Dr. M. Sharp, Professor. Monitoring summer melt, dynamics and thickness changes of the Canadian Arctic land ice masses, using optical, passive and active microwave remote sensing.

Department of Computing Science, Faculty of Science

  • Dr. M. MacGregor, Professor and Chair. Communication networks.
  • Dr. M. Nascimento, Associate Professor. Spatio-temporal data management and access algorithms, particularly for widely dispersed sensor networks.
  • Dr. J. Sander, Assistant Professor. Algorithms and index structures for spatio-temporal query processing for dynamic location data provided through sensor networks and GPS systems.
  • Dr. H.Yang, Professor. Computer graphics and computer vision, including 2D and 3D shape analysis, edge detection, segmentation, motion analysis, and more. Senior member of the IEEE and Associate Editor for the journal, "Pattern Recognition."

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

  • Dr. Petr Musilek, Associate Professor. Developing intelligent methods and techniques for modelling data and processes, and he develops software systems that improve our ability to understand, model, and forecasts associated events.

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

  • Dr. C. V. Deutsch, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Natural Resources Uncertainty Management. Leader of the Centre for Computational Geostatistics (CCG). Geospatial modeling with direct measurements and remotely sensed information.
  • Dr. T. Gan, Professor. Retrieval of seawater turbidity and ocean water quality for optical satellites, retrieval of snow water equivalent from passive microwave and soil moisture from active microwave satellites. Partner, Canada Centre for Remote Sensing.
  • Dr. F. Hicks, Professor. Use of satellite radar for river ice characterization, and integration of remotely sensed data in flood forecasting models. Dr. Hicks currently collaborates with Alberta Environment, C-CORE, INRS-ETE, University of Laval, CCRS, the UGRA Research Institute of Information in Siberia, and the Ministry for Nature Protection of the Sakha Republic.

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

  • Dr. Michael Lipsett, Professor, Associate Chair (Graduate Programs). Research in in the reliability of energy systems and the development of new equipment and processes.

Department of Renewable Resources, Faculty of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences

  • Dr. Andreas Hamann, Assistant Professor. Climate modeling and software development surrounding climate change impact research.