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Alberta's 2018 Nutrition Report Card

How did Alberta fare? Find out!

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Dr. Kim Raine (right), Scientific Director and Dr. Laurie Drozdowski (left), Coordinator, Centre for Health and Nutrition

Meet our Team

Dr. Kim Raine, Scientific Director (Right) and Dr. Laurie Drozdowski, Coordinator (Left)


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about who we are and what we do. At the Centre for Health and Nutrition, we envision optimal health for Canadians through the integration of research, practice and health promotion in nutrition. We create and use evidence to influence food systems, nutrition policy and practice. We also support the development and offering of research-based continuing professional education and connect researchers to user communities through outreach and advocacy. To achieve these goals, we must be open to working together, across disciplines. 

Our history dates back to 2004 when the Alberta Institute for Human Nutrition (AIHN) was formed. As an interdisciplinary unit within the University of Alberta, the AIHN served the needs of a diverse group of researchers to share their academic interests around nutrition. Today, the AIHN has been revitalized and repurposed under the new name the Centre for Health and Nutrition. Dr. Kim Raine took on the role of Scientific Director, and Dr. Laurie Drozdowski was brought in to be the Centre’s Coordinator.

What can the Centre for Health and Nutrition do for you?

We work with researchers, practitioners, students, government, organizations and communities to improve the health and quality of life of the population through healthy eating. Through our menu of research support services, we can:

  • Review, synthesize and translate food, nutrition and health-related research into evidence-based recommendations for practitioners and policymakers
  • Coordinate research projects and team grants including providing support with grant writing and financial administration
  • Develop interdisciplinary teams and cultivate new relationships

Connect with us. We’d be happy to hear from you and to explore the potential for exciting, new collaborations!

Kim D. Raine, PhD, RD, FCAHS
Scientific Director, Centre for Health and Nutrition
Professor and Associate Dean (Research), School of Public Health
(780) 492-9415

Laurie Drozdowski, PhD
Coordinator, Centre for Health and Nutrition
(780) 248-1986