About Us

The Centre for Health and Nutrition is an Institute of the University of Alberta housed in the Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences in partnership with the School of Public Health.

Vision & Mission

We envision optimal health through food and nutrition. To achieve this, our mission is to integrate research, practice and health promotion in nutrition.



  • Knowledge: reliable, credible and evidence-based
  • Integrity: in actions, speech and relationships
  • Collaboration: partnerships to address the complexity of food, nutrition and health
  • Respect: for all disciplines and perspectives
  • Adaptability: to adjust to changing needs and environments
  • Equality: to promote health equity


Guiding Principles

  • We are an interdisciplinary University of Alberta unit working across faculties to improve health and quality of life of the population through healthy eating. 
  • We focus on the promotion of health which includes the prevention of diseases associated with poor nutrition. In addition, we address the management of conditions that are improved by optimal eating.
  • We work with researchers, practitioners, students, government, industry, organizations, and communities who are aligned with our mandate to promote health.
  • We develop and apply evidence-based strategies to explore and address issues related to food, nutrition and eating for optimal health.
  • We connect researchers whose work transcends levels from cells to populations (bench to bedside and from barnyards to boardrooms).
  • We celebrate research excellence, synthesize knowledge and translate evidence into action to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • We advocate for varied approaches to build supportive food environments (economic, social, physical) and include reaching people who experience barriers to healthy eating.
  • We are sustainable by providing continuing professional education, providing service to organizations, fulfilling contracts and by applying for research grants.