Centre for Health and Nutrition

Outreach & Advocacy


We joined forces with the Edmonton Lifelong Learners Association to develop “Nutrition and Optimal Health”, a three-week course tailored to adult learners over the age of 50. 

We connect communities to nutrition and health research through outreach and advocacy. 

As a knowledge broker specializing, in nutrition and health:  

  • We use digital media to disseminate nutrition research
  • We partner with community organizations to deliver evidence-based adult nutrition education 
  • We act as spokespersons in the media, to provide nutrition expertise and clarification on nutrition research 

Contact us to book a media spokesperson on nutrition and health, or to discuss an upcoming nutrition education event.


We provide coordination and administrative support to the national Stop Marketing to Kids Coalition, made up of leading non-governmental health organizations that advocate for restrictions on all commercial food and beverage marketing to Canadian children age 16 years of age and younger.

We advocate for policies which build supportive food and nutrition environments. 

  • We take action at the provincial level as a member of the Alberta Policy Coalition for Chronic Disease Prevention. The Coalition represents a broad range of practitioners, policy-makers, researchers, and community organizations who have come together to coordinate efforts, generate evidence, and advocate for policy change to reduce chronic disease in Alberta.
  • We inform policy development by participating in federal health consultations. In 2016, we participated in consultations with Health Canada regarding Canada’s Food Guide and front-of-package nutrition labelling.