Alberta's Nutrition Report Card 

Alberta's 2018 Nutrition Report Card is the fourth annual assessment of how Alberta’s current food environments and nutrition policies support or create barriers to improving children’s eating behaviours.

Alberta's 2018 Nutrition Report Card
on Food Environments for Children and Youth

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As an individual or community, you can be part of collective action to make healthy choices easier for all Albertans. Head to our partners at the Alberta Policy Coalition for Chronic Disease Prevention (APCCP) for tools and resources to take action.

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About the Project

Drs. Kim Raine, Candace Nykiforuk, and Katerina Maximova received funding from Alberta Innovates Cancer Prevention Research Opportunity (CPRO) for the project "Impact of Benchmarking Food Environments on Policies and Actions to Promote Healthy Eating for Reducing Cancer Risk". Funding will enable the annual production of Alberta's Nutrition Report Card, and assessment of current food environments and nutrition policies in Alberta through 2021.

The Centre for Health and Nutrition provided communication services in 2017/18 and project coordination services in 2016 to support the release of Alberta’s Nutrition Report Card on Food Environments for Children and Youth.

The Benchmarking Food Environments Project also includes:

  1. Assessment of the outcomes and impact of the annual Alberta Nutrition Report Card on:
    • decision-maker and public perceptions of policy interventions relevant to food environments
    • policy-development
    • food environments
    • eating behaviours and
    • childhood overweight/ obesity

  2. Engaging Alberta communities to participate in collecting data on relevant benchmarks and taking action to improve local food environments. This process will be assessed in terms of process, outcomes and impact.

Benchmarking helps to strengthen the accountability of systems relevant to food environments with the overall goal to stimulate a greater effort from governments to reduce obesity, non-communicable diseases and their related inequalities. The project's long-term goal is to conduct these assessments across several Canadian jurisdictions to create a national Nutrition Report Card for Canada.

If you are interested to know more about the Nutrition Report Card or have a question about it, we invite you to connect with us:

Dr. Kim Raine, Primary Investigator

Krista Milford, MSc, Project Coordinator


The Centre for Health and Nutrition has supported the ENRICH research program through the provision of strategic planning, grant writing, financial administration and communication services.

ENRICH is a group of fifteen investigators, plus students and staff that came together under a research program funded for five years by Alberta Innovates - Health Solutions (AIHS). ENRICH studies are aimed at improving maternal health in pregnancy and postpartum by finding innovative ways to promote healthy weights and healthy eating. 

Learn more about ENRICH.

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