Community-University Partnership

Capacity Building

CUP research engages partners from the community, university, and/or government to share their voices, collaborate, and develop projects that support mutually beneficial outcomes. Each partner brings their own strengths to the process as we work collaboratively to develop principles for working together and determine the scale and scope of individual projects. By bringing partners together, we learn from each other and share challenges, insights, and knowledge and build each other’s capacity.

We also recognize the need for more formal capacity building opportunities for collaborative, interdisciplinary, sustainable knowledge creation, exchange, and application.

Our staff are actively engaged in offering the following opportunities may help you learn more about community-based research and evaluation methods:

Community Engagement Courses (Faculty of Extension)
The Faculty of Extension offers opportunities in community engagement studies for community members, undergraduate and graduate students to gain an understanding of community engagement; how to apply the principles and practices of communication in managing your projects; and how to keep the projects that you manage on track. 

Partnership with Women and Children’s Health Research Institute (WCHRI)
Our partnership with WCHRI is eight years strong this year. Over that time, we have offered qualitative research, knowledge translation, and community/patient engagement support to over 34 health research studies.

Maria Mayan serves as a WCHRI Academic Lead and a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee and Tatjana Alvadj is the research coordinator that provides expertise to health research teams so patient voices are carried into clinical and community practice. Specific areas of expertise offered to WCHRI members includes:

Visit the WCHRI - Research Support website for more details on the research supports, capacity building opportunities and specific research grants offered through WCHRI to health research teams and students.