Job Openings

The Centre for Prions and Protein Folding Diseases (CPPFD) provides a training environment wherein different laboratories and technologies converge on the common problems presented by protein folding diseases. Conversely, young scientists can extend the boundaries of our knowledge in these diseases and to advance the collective mission of the institute. Beyond the four walls of the CPPFD there are many opportunities to collaborate with other laboratories at the University of Alberta, with prion researchers at the University of Calgary and with neuroscientists affiliated with the Campus Alberta Neuroscience initiative.

At this time work in the CPPFD encompasses the disciplines of molecular genetics, cell biology, neurochemistry, protein chemistry, systems biology, transgenesis and molecular ecology, with the programs of the individual laboratories being listed elsewhere on this website. We are always interested in recruiting highly motivated students and postdoctoral fellows and prospective candidates should direct their inquiries to the individual principal investigators in our centre.