Central Professional Development Fund (CPDF)

Funding for the 2019-20 fiscal year is on hold.

What is CPDF?

The Central Professional Development Fund is made available through the Office of the Provost. The annual amount allocated to the Fund is $25,000.

The primary purpose of this Fund is to enable Administrative and Professional Officers (APOs), Management and Professional Staff (Excluded) (MAPS) and Temporary Administrative Professional Staff (TAPS) to attend off-campus professional development events where there is a strong likelihood of expanding networks and increasing the visibility of the University when it is desirable to do so.

For complete information on the Central Professional Development Fund, please view the CPD Fund Procedures and Guidelines.

Who is eligible?

Any Administrative and Professional Officer (APO) or Management and Professional Staff (Excluded) (MAPS) employee with a continuing appointment or any Temporary Administrative Professionals (TAPS) with rolling three-year appointments may apply for funding. The Fund is administered on a first-come, first-served basis. Employees are "entitled" to apply for funding: this does not mean that each employee automatically has $500 set aside for their exclusive use.

Events that will be funded:

CPDF typically supports conference or workshop registration fees or costs associated with networking meetings. Reasonable out-of-town expenses for travel, meals and accommodation are also covered.

The following types of events are generally funded:

  • Conferences, seminars or workshops of a fixed duration (i.e. a one-time event with a definite start and end date, usually shorter than one week in duration)
  • Attendance at off-campus networking functions such as association or council meetings, forums on specific topics, or institutes

Events that will not be funded:

Employees are responsible for registering themselves in the desired event. A separate application must be completed for each event. Individuals will be responsible for any costs associated with cancellation penalties.

How can I apply?

To apply for funding, a CPDF Application form must be completed in its entirety. A signature by the department head is required.

The completed application must be sent to Human Resource Services: CPDF Office, 2-60 University Terrace.

HR Operations reviews the application for the following information prior to processing:

  • Employee type & eligibility
  • Funding entitlement or remaining entitlement if funds have previously been accessed
  • The learning event meets the criteria set out by the Advisory Committee

The application must be completed and approved prior to the scheduled event date. After the application form has been processed, a confirmation letter will be returned to the applicant.

When funds are depleted, a notice will be posted on this website and applicants will be contacted by email stating that there are no funds available.

When do I apply?

To maximize access to the Fund, two approval periods have been established.

The first period is for events that take place from April 1 to August 31. Applications will be accepted beginning April 1. Any applications received before this date will be returned to the employee for re-submission.

The second period is for events that take place from Sept 1 to March 31. Applications will be accepted beginning September 1. Any applications received before this date will be returned to the employee for re-submission.

Application Period Available Funds Eligible Amount
April 1 to August 31 $ 18,000.00 Up to $500.00 per person/per fiscal year
September 1 to March 31 $ 7,000.00 Up to $500.00 per person/per fiscal year

How am I Reimbursed?

Departments must process all travel expense claims related to Central Professional Development Fund applications using their department speed code.

Immediately after the event, the approved employee submits an on-line travel expense report supported by pertinent receipts (registration, original ticket stub, accommodation, etc.), as well as a copy of the confirmation letter to their department.

The Department then submits a copy of their ledger to Human Resource Services: CPDF Office, 2-60 University Terrace or by email to cpdf@ualberta.ca. A journal voucher allocating the funds to the appropriate speed code will be completed upon receipt.

You are only eligible to receive a maximum of $500.00 from this fund. Any expenses beyond this amount will be the responsibility of you or your department.

Cancellation of Events

Employees must notify their Department and Human Resource Services if the approved professional development event has been cancelled, if the start date has been changed, or if the employee has withdrawn from the event.

Where an employee cancels approved professional development for personal reasons, the employee shall be fully responsible for all costs associated with the cancellation and the funds previously committed in the fund will be released to be reassigned. The employee must submit a new application to attend a different event.