Faculty and Staff

Human Resource Development Fund

What is HRDF?

The HRDF is a negotiated benefit between the University of Alberta and the Non-Academic Staff Association (NASA). The primary purpose of the Fund is to enable eligible employees to access learning opportunities (courses, workshops, seminars, in-school apprenticeship training or programs) that will:

  1. enhance their capacity to perform work, or
  2. prepare for an expanded or different role

The Fund does NOT support:

  1. general interest courses (e.g. hobbies, crafts, recreational memberships),
  2. wellness courses,
  3. job-specific training required for the eligible employee's current role,
  4. training required by legislation for the eligible employee's current role,
  5. University of Alberta credit courses

    Please see Common Provisions - Operating & Trust: Article 24, ESL Agreement (Part C) Article 19

    The annual fund of four hundred thousand dollars ($400,000) is renewed at the beginning of each fiscal year, April 1 - March 31.

Who is Eligible?

Employee Type




Casual I  No Not Applicable None
Casual II  Yes When Casual I starts* $500 per fiscal year (no borrowing)
Auxiliary Yes When Auxiliary starts* $750 per fiscal year (no borrowing)
Regular  Yes When Regular starts* $750 per fiscal year
Excluded Employees  No Not Applicable None

* as long as HRDF funds are available.

Special provisions apply to ESL; please refer to the ESL agreement link provided above under "What is HRDF?"

Additional information on course eligibility, employee eligibility and entitlements is provided in the document, HRDF Manual.

What About Supervisory Training?

Employees eligible for HRDF who are not currently in a supervisory role, who may provide some supervisory-like tasks or have an interest in supervisory training, may apply for HRDF funding AND must apply for acceptance into the Supervisory Leadership Program. Alternatively, the department may choose to fund participation in the program.

Current Support Staff members of the NASA agreement who already have supervisory responsibilities may take the Supervisory Leadership Program at a reduced rate. Support Staff members who are promoted into a supervisory position may also take the program at a reduced rate. For those managers and supervisors for which the AASUA, Graduate or Faculty agreements apply please see Supervisory Leadership Program for program costs.

How can I apply for funding?

To apply for HRDF funding, employees must log into E-HRDF and submit all HRDF applications online. If a computer is not provided to do your work, you may use a computer in a lab, in a library, ask your supervisor to use a computer or use a mobile device.

Before completing the application, please read the step by step instructions provided in the HRDF User Manual. If you need additional information, please contact the HRDF Office by email at hrdf@ualberta.ca or by phone at 492-4350.   

When do I apply for Funding?

For courses/conferences which start between:

Applications will be accepted beginning:

 April 1 to June 30  March 1*
 July 1 to September 30  June 3*
 October 1 to December 31  September 3*
 January 1 to March 31  December 2*

*Each application period opens at 8:00 am. 
Any applications submitted prior to the permitted date will be declined and employees must submit a new application during the appropriate period. Once the funds are fully utilized for a funding period, no further applications will be accepted. 

Once applications have been approved by the HRDF Office, please send original receipts to the HRDF Office at 2-60 University Terrace. Electronic receipts must be printed and sent through campus mail.

While there are no restrictions on the number of courses that eligible employees may take in each of the 4 application periods, when the eligible employee reaches maximum entitlement for the fiscal year or the fund is depleted, the eligible employee cannot request funding again until the next fiscal year.

Eligible employees must notify the HRDF Office and their Department if the approved course has been cancelled, if the eligible employee has withdrawn from the course, or if the start date has been changed. When an eligible employee cancels, fails to attend or complete an approved learning opportunity without legitimate reasons, the eligible employee will be fully responsible to reimburse the Fund for all costs associated with the cancellation.