Other Leave: Support Staff

Effective January 1, 2019, changes to the Employment Standards Code (ESC) will apply to all employees under the NASA collective agreement.The ESC will supersede the NASA collective agreement in areas where the agreement falls below the minimum employment standards. In all other circumstances, the existing collective agreement will prevail until a new agreement is negotiated. For a summary of the new changes and updates to the existing employment standards visit Employment Standards Act - Updates.

Special Leave

Special Leave provisions are detailed in the enclosed tip sheets and can be found in Article 18 Part A Operating and Article 10 Part B Trust of the NASA/Board of Governors Collective Agreement. Special Leave encompasses: Compassionate Leave, Emergency or Disaster Conditions, Birth or Adoption, Moving, and Citizenship Hearing.

Special Leave for Operating Employees

Special Leave for Trust Employees

Interpretation Guide to Compassionate and Emergency Leaves

Leave without Pay

An application for leave without pay is subject to the approval of the Employer/Trustholder. Applications should be made in writing and submitted to your direct Supervisor.