Voluntary 5-Day Personal Leave Plan

The Voluntary 5-Day Personal Leave Plan offers the opportunity for eligible employees to take additional leave while producing a cost savings to individual departments or units. Employees who participate in the program apply for five days of leave without pay and have the cost of the leave deducted in equal installments over the twelve month plan period beginning in July 1 and ending June 30. All leave days are tracked by the employee's department or unit and must be taken within the plan period.

The Voluntary 5-Day Personal Leave Plan has closed for the year. Information on next year's application and eligibility will be added to this page when it is available. The announcement will be shared in the Employees Digest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

All staff under the following agreements or handbooks who accrue vacation leave rather than receive pay in lieu of vacation (provided they are taking no more than one month unpaid leave during the deduction period) and who have an appointment commencing on or before July 1 and ending on or after June 30 of the plan period are eligible to apply for the plan.

Support Staff

  • Regular support staff
  • Salaried, benefited auxiliary support staff

Academic Staff

  • Faculty (including contingent positions)
  • Administrative Professional Officer
  • Librarian
  • Faculty Service Officer
  • Academic Teaching Staff
  • Temporary and Administrative Professional Staff
  • Trust/ Research Academic Staff


  • Support
  • Executive
  • Academic Administrators
  • Management and Professional Staff

Who is not eligible?

  • Employees in recurring, auxiliary (hourly), or casual positions
  • Employees with an end date during the Plan Period
  • Employees who have scheduled a leave without pay greater than one (1) month during the plan period (maternity leave, education leave etc.)
  • Employees with excessive vacation balance* at the time of application

*For NASA staff, excessive vacation balance is defined as more than one year's vacation accrual in their vacation bank on April 1, 2019 without an agreed upon plan to use it.

Are part-time employees eligible for the plan? Do they receive the full five days?

Yes, part-time employees are eligible for the plan however those who participate apply for days of leave without pay based on a ratio of hours worked and will receive the equivalent of a full weeks hours times their FTE. For example, if an employee who works a 0.80 FTE (working 4 days a week) is approved, they would then receive 4 days leave without pay.

What if I have more than one appointment, one of which is eligible and one of which is not?

You would be eligible for PLP only for the appointment which is eligible, as above.

How much are the personal leave deductions?

  • The deduction on each pay period is 1.92%, applied to base compensation
  • PLP is deducted in equal installments over the plan period
  • PLP deductions do not apply to overtime
  • Pensionable earnings are not affected by the PLP
  • All statutory, Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance, and tax deductions are calculated on salary less the personal leave deductions


When are deductions made from my paycheque?

Personal leave deductions are made during each pay period in the plan period. Unlike vacation, PLP days taken are not recorded in the HR system.

What happens to the money that is deducted?

The savings from staff who participate remain with the department or unit.

What if my base salary changes during the plan period?

There is no reconciliation. The personal leave deduction of 1.92% applies to the base salary you receive in that pay period.

What if I change my mind?

Once approved, the decision to participate in the plan is irrevocable.

How are applications approved?

All applications will be reviewed on an individual basis and are subject to manager/supervisor or trust holder approval based on employee eligibility and operational requirements.

How are the Plan days scheduled?

Scheduling is subject to supervisory approval and operational requirements, including being subject to department blackout periods. PLP days may be taken in ½ day increments.

PLP days may be used over a period of time or all at once, subject to scheduling. However, all five (5) days must be taken during the plan period. Any leave days not taken before the end of the plan period are forfeited and cannot be carried forward or reimbursed.

What if I want a leave plan that is not five days long?

This plan only supports five days of leave. For leave periods other than five days, please refer to the Leave Without Pay (LWOP) clause of the appropriate collective agreement or handbook.

How are the PLP days tracked?

The employee and department are responsible for tracking all Voluntary 5-Day Personal Leave Plan days taken.

What if I leave employment with the University during the Plan Period?

With the exception of layoffs and long term disability, there is no reconciliation of days taken to deductions.