Faculty and Staff

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Week

Valuing Diversity - Advancing Equity -  Achieving Inclusion

The first Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Week took place in 2014 after it had been proposed years earlier by Malinda Smith, Professor, Political Science and former member of the Employment Equity Advisory Committee. Over the last five years, EDI Week continues to build momentum with increased attendance to certain events and recognized importance to issues surrounding equity, diversity and inclusion throughout campus. The overarching goal of the event and program itself is to bring faculty staff and students together to engage in learning and dialogue in an effort to address and put an end to social injustice.

Equity strives for social justice, access, and collaboration to further opportunities for success of students, faculty, and staff in the academy. Diversity of identity, thought, and scholarship advances institutional excellence.  Inclusion actively engages the community in change to achieve equity and diversity. The principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion support the University of Alberta's commitment to create work and learning communities that inspire and enable people to reach their full potential.