Fall 2019 Education Program

Circle for Reconciliation - Canadian Centre for Diversity & Inclusion - Community of Practice Edmonton

Date: September 25, 2019 

Time: 8:30 am to 11:30 am

Join the conversation to explore the employers have in the TRC Commission’s call to action. Participants will be guided through the recommendations related to ensuring Indigenous inclusion in the workplace to achieve meaningful reconciliation.  Registration required: For more information:

EDI: What is it and why does it matter?

Date: October 24, 2019

Time: 1 pm to 4 pm 

This engaging and interactive session co-presented by Wade King, Director, Office of Safe Disclosure & Human Rights and Catherine Anley, Senior Advisor, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Human Resource Services will provide an introduction to a selection of concepts central to the principles of equity, diversity, inclusion such as identity, intersectionality, power, and privilege. Participants will also be introduced to human rights, employment equity, and occupational health and safety legislation, related University policies, and our institutional Strategic Plan for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity, There will be opportunities for reflection on our spheres of influence to advance EDI in our working environments.

Overview of the EDI Strategic Plan - Lunch n Learn

Date: October 29, 2019 

Time: 12 to 1 pm 

Recognizing and Addressing Bullying in the Workplace

Date: November 7, 2019 

Time: 1 pm to 4 pm 


Date: November 19, 2019 

Time: 9 am to 12 pm 

Join Catherine Anley, Senior Consultant EDI in Human Resource Services and Wade King, Director, Office of Safe Disclosure & Human Rights to develop awareness and skill in identifying and eliminating bullying behaviours to create more respectful and psychologically safe working environments. The facilitators will lead an engaging and interactive introduction to key concepts; the conditions in which bullying behaviours may flourish; recognizing potential indicators; understanding the roles and responsibilities of managers/supervisors and other team members; and, introduce methods to address bullying behaviours in the workplace including those available at the University of Alberta.

From Bias Awareness to Action 

Date: November 13, 2019 

Time: 1 pm to 4 pm 

If you have a brain, you have biases! Biases are shortcuts that help us to make sense of the world. Sometimes though, they can hinder our ability to be fair and objective, despite our best intentions. This 3-hour introductory workshop will provide an overview of what biases are; how they develop and are reinforced over time; strategies to identify what some individual biases might be; and, suggestions on how to lessen negative impacts on decision making and relationships with colleagues, students, and the public.

Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion

Human Resource Services is pleased to have an institutional partnership with the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI). We encourage you to access the employer partner benefits as you seek to create respectful and inclusive workplaces.

A selection of employer partner benefits include:

  • Unlimited access to live and interactive webinars that feature topics on diversity and inclusion.
  • Unlimited attendance at their Community of Practice (COP) events.
  • Access to the annual D&I: The UnConference. NOTE: We are given 4 free passes a year, if you would like a pass for an upcoming UnConference, please contact
  • Unlimited access to the online Knowledge Repository, curated with 600+ documents, reports, toolkits, templates and other content for people engaged with diversity and inclusion in Canada. NOTE: For access to the knowledge repository, email and provide your CCID, they will respond with a login and password for the knowledge repository. 

If you would like more information, please contact