Faculty and Staff Engagement Survey

The University of Alberta launched its first engagement survey in 2019 and the university is pleased with the response rate. More than 50% of the faculty and staff members invited to participate shared their feedback. Thank you; your insights will help us build a community that fosters engagement where we can all give our best every day.

The survey was jointly sponsored by the Vice-President (Finance and Administration) and the Provost and Vice-President (Academic).

Next Steps

TalentMap, our external engagement survey partner, is currently analyzing the survey feedback and preparing findings for us to share with the University community beginning later this winter.

The survey results will help University leaders understand what we’re doing well and where we can improve to create a work environment that fosters engagement. Units will work with the results to look for key engagement drivers and will be expected to develop action plans to respond and focus on those key drivers that arise from the results.

While we wait for the survey results, we encourage you to read what Dr. Jennifer Tupper, Dean of the Faculty of Education, shared about her own experience with the pilot survey in her Faculty.

Illustration of three people taking a survey
  • 1. What staff groups took the survey?

    • all continuing and temporary academic staff
    • salaried support staff
    • excluded staff
    • postdoctoral fellows

    The scope will not include employees who are:

    • employed graduate students or undergraduate students
    • casual support staff

  • 2. What is employee engagement?

    Engagement is about a work environment that allows each of us to excel as individuals and together; where we feel valued, supported, and energized. It’s about experiencing a sense of purpose, and a connection to our work, colleagues, and to the University.

    Employee engagement is defined as “a heightened emotional and intellectual connection that a faculty or staff member has with their position, organization/manager/or co-workers that, in turn, influences them to apply additional discretionary effort to their work.” (TalentMap, Napa Networks Inc.).

    Organizations with high engagement create an environment where members feel valued, supported and excel as individuals and teams.

  • 3. How were the survey questions chosen?
    In preparation for the university-wide engagement survey, a pilot survey was initiated collaboratively by Human Resource Services and the Faculty of Education. The survey content and questions were developed with a collective effort involving a Steering Committee, a Working Group, and TalentMap, drawing from TalentMap’s question library, which has been tested for validity and reliability. There are several questions unique to the University of Alberta, where benchmarking against other institutions may not be available.
  • 4. Which company administered the survey?

    The survey was administered by TalentMap, a leading organization that specializes in workplace engagement and benchmarking. The University of Alberta will be able to benchmark results against other institutions. Talent Map’s technology platform has been assessed and approved through the University’s privacy and information review process.

  • 5. Can you tell me more about the confidentiality?

    TalentMap ensures confidentiality of responses, which enabled participants to provide open and honest feedback. Surveys did not have personal identifiers and participants were not asked to provide any personal identification such as name, birth date or employee ID.

    Survey result reports will only be provided for groups with greater than 7 responses. Your manager will not see your individual responses.