HRS updates for employees

In order for Human Resource Services (HRS) to continue our work remotely, we need to adjust some of our business processes.

18 March 2020

As we navigate these unprecedented times, your Human Resources teams are working hard to meet your needs and to ensure:

  • Employees have the information they need
  • Employees continue to be paid on time
  • Transactions and forms are processed accurately and on time
  • Employees’ health and wellness is supported

In order to continue our team’s work remotely, we need to adjust some of our business processes. Please read the important updates below.

COVID-19 and Working Remotely

Here's some helpful information to help answer your questions about working remotely and COVID-19. In alignment with University direction, if your manager or supervisor does not require you on campus for vital services, please work remotely.

Please review this important information:

If you have questions or concerns, please speak with your manager or supervisor.


We are working hard to continue to put your pay cheque in your bank account each and every payday.

Hourly employees (including those currently working and those who have been approved on a leave with pay): your semi-monthly payment is dependent on you submitting your completed timesheet in accordance with your units direction within the time entry deadlines. Please record your hours worked or scheduled on a daily basis so that these can be approved by your direct report and sent to payroll for processing.

Salaried employees: you will continue to receive your regular monthly payment. If you are entitled to any exception time (i.e., overtime, shift premium, standby by and/or call back), it is your responsibility to enter this time into the timesheet in PeopleSoft. Once this time is approved by your manager or supervisor, it will be paid on the next available pay date.

We ask all employees at the University to ensure their personal information is up to date in BearTracks. This includes your home address, contact information such as phone and emails as well as direct deposit information.

If Payroll does not have your direct deposit information on file, a cheque will be produced for you and it will be sent via Canada Post to the mailing address on record. NOTE: Use direct deposit to ensure your payment reaches you each period. We cannot guarantee continued operation of Canada Post during the nation’s COVID-19 response.

How to sign up for direct deposit.

NOTE: For students and alumni, direct deposit information is found in two distinct places in Bear Tracks: the Employees section and the Financials section. You must be enrolled in direct deposit in the Employees section to receive your wages, salaries or graduate scholarship payments via direct deposit.

Human Resource Services Forms

Effective immediately, the Human Resource Services offices are closed and all staff are working remotely. We are unable to accept paper forms while directed to work remotely. Instead, please scan or photograph all completed forms and submit by email:

At this time we will be accepting any Pay Action Forms with digital signatures and/or email approvals. Please ensure your approval indicates the name of the person and job action, for example: “I approve the attached hire form for James Smith” and must come from the person responsible for approving the form.

Travel benefits change

Plan members who are leaving Canada to travel on or after March 19, 2020, may not be covered for any expenses during and after a period of quarantine (directed by a doctor or public health official), unless the member shows symptoms of or has tested positive for COVID-19.

In order for emergency medical services and expenses to be eligible for coverage, plan members must meet the definitions in the Sun Life contract for “medical emergency” and “emergency services”. Medical emergencies resulting from COVID-19 will be treated in the same way as any other medical emergency outside of Canada.

Plan members who are currently abroad, but not in quarantine and cannot return home will continue to have their out-of-country coverage up to the limit as outlined in the plan. After this time, they will not have out-of-country coverage through the Sun Life plan.

More information can be found here: Out-of-Country Coverage.

Graduate Student Payments

In accordance with the GSA Collective Agreement, all academically employed graduate students with graduate teaching assistantship (including principal instructor) appointments, graduate research assistantship appointments, and graduate research assistantship fellowships will continue to be paid until the conclusion of their current appointments.

Health and counselling support during times of crisis

The health and well-being of all members of the University community is our highest priority. During this crisis, employees may be feeling anxiety and stress, and require mental health or other supports. Counselling is available from the Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Over the next few weeks, EFAP will provide services over the phone in place of face-to-face counselling. This measure will be in place until the spread of the virus is contained.