Garden Club

Conveners: Pat Petersen and Marcia Bercov

The garden group has 25 members, but usually we have around 7 - 10 at any one outing. Our activities are just getting started as other interest groups are winding down.

Over the last several years we have attended the Orchid Show in April and then visited various gardens including Devonian Botanic Garden and the St. Albert Botanic Park at different times during the summer. This allows us to see very different gardens as they come into flower and maturity. This year we visited the Wagner Natural Area in the spring and were treated to a beautiful showing of Lady Slippers. Our major outing of the year is the Edmonton Horticultural Society Garden Tour, which is a full-day event visiting a showcase of gardens chosen by the Horticultural Society. Always spectacular! In the fall we usually have a lunch and discuss the hits and misses in our own gardens. There are always interesting pictures to show. 

Meetings: At least once per month usually a Friday April to October various times and locations in and around Edmonton