Couples Who Cook

Convenor: Peggi Ferguson-Pell

Couples Who Cook has had a very exciting culinary year including a number of very active and fun spring dinners - and we look forward to another fun year beginning in October!

In March we had been anticipating something happening with all the Brexit machinations across the pond. But in the end there was no deal, so we ended up going to the heart of the negotiations with The Brexit Backstop Irish Dinner where we concentrated on the real nub of the whole dilemma - delicious dishes from Northern Ireland including north coast crab cakes, treacle wheaten bread, dulse quiche, Guinness lamb stew, chocolate cake with coffee and dulse, and Fifteens (don't knock 'em till you try 'em).

In April we really pushed out the boat with aJames Cook Celebration Voyage honouring the 250th anniversary of Cook's first expedition. We sailed all over the Pacific, from island to island enjoying wonderful tastes such as
macadamia nut hummus with vegetable sticks, Tahitian poisson cru, amazing overnight pupu, Filipino pancit, Polynesian coconut ice cream and lamingtons. Our hosts Pat and Nils also treated us to a little quiz to help us find our seats at the dining table - a flavourful, not to mention fun and educational evening!

We finished off our 11th year with an amazing potluck Picnic in Provence in June - and while the weather wasn't exactly co-operative (we picnicked indoors) - the food provided by our wonderful cooks more than made up for it. Between bouillabaisse, quiche, chicken stuffed with apricots, pate en croute aux épinards, ratatouille, warm French lentil salad and desserts such as tarte aux pignons - not to mention topping it all off with a little pastis - we never even noticed the weather! Bon diner!

We hope you will consider joining our group in September - we are a very relaxed and casual group representing faculties right across campus and we totally understand that your busy life means that you will only join us when you can - no one takes attendance, there's no pressure, and when you are ready and available - we are always happy to see you. See you at the wine and cheese!

Meetings: We meeting six to eight times per year at 7pm in members' homes

Examples of Past Dinners
An Alberta Dinner
Cooking for Vegetarians