Play Reading

Convener: Vi Moskalyk, Christine Forth and Orla Ryan

We gather at noon with our bagged lunches and our hostess provides the beverages. We eat our lunch while we chat, and start reading around one o'clock. Last year we had 17 members with an average attendance of twelve. We read all kinds of plays, mainly English and American, but we try to start and finish with a Canadian play. Sometimes we read the English translation of a foreign-language play. Parts are changed around often so that everyone has a chance to read the big meaty roles. We have refreshments at a convenient break in the play's action and usually finish with a brief discussion around 4 p.m. It is an extremely friendly group and we welcome newcomers. Come and join us - it's like an afternoon at the theatre.

Meetings: Second Thursday at noon in members' homes (bring a bag lunch), October -- April