Walking Group

Convener: Margot Wanke and Sylvia Kernahan

Our Walking group continues to provide exercise and friendship for our faithful walkers, some of whom have belonged to our group for over 20 years. Frequently we manage to vary our familiar trails and occasionally we even succeed in adding a new trail to our growing destinations. If you would like to get to know some of the many wonderful trails in our city, come join our group. At the end of our brisk walks, which last approximately an hour and a half, you can join us in our coffee chats.

This is a self-directed group; one member updates the schedule and we take turns to organize lunches, picnics, etc. A printout of the schedule will be available at the Wine and Cheese, and will be posted on the website. Check the meeting places and just show up; new members are always very welcome. Sometimes as many as 10 or 15 walkers come, but there are nearly always at least 6 of us. Hope to see you on the trail!


Meetings: Thursdays at 10 am at outdoor locations