Those eligible for membership in the club shall be:

1) University of Alberta women who are, or have been, members of the following employment groups:

  • AASUA Constituencies:
    • Academic Teaching Staff (ATS)
    • Administrative Professional Officers (APOs)
    • Faculty (FAC)
    • Faculty Service Officers (FSOs)
    • Librarians (LIB)
    • Temporary and Administrative Staff (TAPS)
    • Trust/Research Academic Staff (TRAS)
  • Management and Professional Staff (MAPS)
  • Non-Academic Staff (NASA)
  • Postdoctoral fellows
  • Research Assistants
2) Women who are, or have been, partners to individuals in the employment groups described above.


All members remain in good standing upon the completion of a registration form and payment of annual membership fees.

(See: Faculty Women's Club Bylaws, for details)


If you wish to join or renew your membership, please complete the online registration form.

In order to be included in the members' directory (circulated in the fall), registration should be received by September 30.

For more information or questions contact the Membership Director via e-mail: